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Started2019-11-07 16:32
Work namespaceci-op-vxrdwchm

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openshift-tests Monitor cluster while tests execute 1h8m

go run hack/e2e.go -v -test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=openshift\-tests\sMonitor\scluster\swhile\stests\sexecute$'
2 error level events were detected during this test run:

Nov 07 17:21:29.191 E ns/openshift-image-registry pod/node-ca-44l68 node/ci-op--zdv9z-w-c-wzd9c.c.openshift-gce-devel-ci.internal container=node-ca container exited with code 137 (ContainerStatusUnknown): The container could not be located when the pod was terminated
Nov 07 17:47:10.918 E clusteroperator/dns changed Degraded to True: NotAllDNSesAvailable: Not all desired DNS DaemonSets available

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