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Started2020-02-10 23:15
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operator Run template e2e-vsphere-upi-serial - e2e-vsphere-upi-serial container setup 44m37s

go run hack/e2e.go -v -test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=operator\sRun\stemplate\se2e\-vsphere\-upi\-serial\s\-\se2e\-vsphere\-upi\-serial\scontainer\ssetup$'
0m0s for the Kubernetes API at"
level=info msg="API v1.17.1 up"
level=info msg="Waiting up to 40m0s for bootstrapping to complete..."
level=error msg="Cluster operator authentication Degraded is True with IngressStateEndpoints_MissingSubsets::RouterCerts_NoRouterCertSecret: RouterCertsDegraded: secret/v4-0-config-system-router-certs -n openshift-authentication: could not be retrieved: secret \"v4-0-config-system-router-certs\" not found\nIngressStateEndpointsDegraded: No subsets found for the endpoints of oauth-server"
level=info msg="Cluster operator authentication Progressing is Unknown with NoData: "
level=info msg="Cluster operator authentication Available is Unknown with NoData: "
level=info msg="Cluster operator etcd Progressing is True with : "
level=info msg="Cluster operator etcd Available is False with : "
level=info msg="Cluster operator insights Disabled is False with : "
level=info msg="Cluster operator kube-storage-version-migrator Available is False with _NoMigratorPod: Available: deployment/migrator.openshift-kube-storage-version-migrator: no replicas are available"
level=error msg="Cluster operator openshift-apiserver Degraded is True with APIServerDaemonSet_UnavailablePod: APIServerDaemonSetDegraded: 3 of 3 requested instances are unavailable"
level=info msg="Cluster operator openshift-apiserver Available is False with APIServerDaemonSet_NoAPIServerPod::APIServices_PreconditionNotReady: APIServicesAvailable: PreconditionNotReady\nAPIServerDaemonSetAvailable: no openshift-apiserver daemon pods available on any node."
level=info msg="Use the following commands to gather logs from the cluster"
level=info msg="openshift-install gather bootstrap --help"
level=fatal msg="failed to wait for bootstrapping to complete: timed out waiting for the condition"
level=info msg="Pulling debug logs from the bootstrap machine"
level=info msg="Bootstrap gather logs captured here \"/tmp/artifacts/installer/log-bundle-20200211000440.tar.gz\""

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