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operator Run template e2e-vsphere - e2e-vsphere container setup 24m54s

go run hack/e2e.go -v -test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=operator\sRun\stemplate\se2e\-vsphere\s\-\se2e\-vsphere\scontainer\ssetup$'
_plane_nodes.0: Still creating... (20s elapsed)
module.dns.aws_route53_record.control_plane_nodes.2: Still creating... (20s elapsed)
module.dns.aws_route53_record.etcd_cluster: Still creating... (20s elapsed)
module.dns.aws_route53_record.compute_nodes.1: Still creating... (30s elapsed)
module.dns.aws_route53_record.control_plane_nodes.0: Still creating... (30s elapsed)
module.dns.aws_route53_record.control_plane_nodes.2: Still creating... (31s elapsed)
module.dns.aws_route53_record.compute_nodes[1]: Creation complete after 37s (ID:
module.dns.aws_route53_record.control_plane_nodes[2]: Creation complete after 37s (ID:
module.dns.aws_route53_record.control_plane_nodes[0]: Creation complete after 37s (ID:
module.dns.aws_route53_record.etcd_cluster: Still creating... (30s elapsed)
module.dns.aws_route53_record.etcd_cluster: Creation complete after 31s (ID: Z04034013G6JS53OG6ZV8__etcd-server-ssl._tcp_SRV)

Apply complete! Resources: 31 added, 0 changed, 0 destroyed.
Waiting for bootstrap to complete
level=info msg="Waiting up to 20m0s for the Kubernetes API at"
level=error msg="Attempted to gather ClusterOperator status after wait failure: listing ClusterOperator objects: Get dial tcp i/o timeout"
level=info msg="Use the following commands to gather logs from the cluster"
level=info msg="openshift-install gather bootstrap --help"
level=fatal msg="waiting for Kubernetes API: context deadline exceeded"
level=info msg="Pulling debug logs from the bootstrap machine"
level=fatal msg="failed to create SSH client: dial tcp connect: connection timed out"

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