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Started2020-02-25 01:50
Work namespaceci-op-q97p6w62
Refs release-4.4:98773b31

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operator Run template e2e-gcp-upi - e2e-gcp-upi container setup 54m34s

go run hack/e2e.go -v -test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=operator\sRun\stemplate\se2e\-gcp\-upi\s\-\se2e\-gcp\-upi\scontainer\ssetup$'
sr-rfj82 approved approved approved approved approved approved approved approved
level=info msg="Cluster operator dns Progressing is True with Reconciling: Not all DNS DaemonSets available."
level=error msg="Cluster operator ingress Degraded is True with IngressControllersDegraded: Some ingresscontrollers are degraded: default"
level=info msg="Cluster operator ingress Progressing is True with Reconciling: Not all ingress controllers are available.\nMoving to release version \"0.0.1-2020-02-25-020117\".\nMoving to ingress-controller image version \"\"."
level=info msg="Cluster operator ingress Available is False with IngressUnavailable: Not all ingress controllers are available."
level=info msg="Cluster operator insights Disabled is False with : "
level=info msg="Cluster operator monitoring Progressing is True with RollOutInProgress: Rolling out the stack."
level=error msg="Cluster operator monitoring Degraded is True with UpdatingopenshiftStateMetricsFailed: Failed to rollout the stack. Error: running task Updating openshift-state-metrics failed: reconciling openshift-state-metrics Deployment failed: updating deployment object failed: waiting for DeploymentRollout of openshift-state-metrics: deployment openshift-state-metrics is not ready. status: (replicas: 1, updated: 1, ready: 0, unavailable: 1)"
level=info msg="Cluster operator monitoring Available is False with : "
level=fatal msg="failed to initialize the cluster: Some cluster operators are still updating: csi-snapshot-controller, ingress, monitoring"

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